jane johnsonThe partogramapp was developed for professionals, but the developers made a client version .

The partogramapp is interactive and gives advices for the course of action during labor, based on the book. When the diagnosis of “labor has started “is confirmed, the app opens.

The dilatation is entered, if and when the  membranes have ruptured and who diagnosed labor.  The app then suggests what to do next and when to do it. E.g check progress again after a certain time. Or rupture membranes artificially, or midwifery interventions like walking, changing position, etc. Your partner sees the same advices as the midwife or doctor.

It may happen that the partogramapp proposes something and that the practitioner deviates from the suggestion. That in itself is fine, but should be explained properly.  A professional who knows what he is doing can explain that very well.

The partogramapp enhances communication between all involved.

Good communication ultimately leads to a better birth experience. The partogramapp for clients contains an explanation of the method. Plus a glossary for anyone who is not medically trained. Moreover, there is a Facebook button so that your partner, if you like , can share with family and friends the details of your birth, rather than texting all the time.

Complete it with the time of the birth, the name, gender and birthweight of your baby, add photos and personal notes and you will have a unique detailed document  to keep as a cherished memory in your baby scrapbook.

Download the partogramapp